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Unpack. Connect. Automate.

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robolink® DCi - complete automation package

Consisting of robot arm, control system and intuitive software

1. Unpack

Complete 4- or 5-axis robot.

Highly efficient control unit from the company Commonplace Robotics.

No additional control cabinet.

Fully assembled at the factory.

2. Connect

Plug & play system, consisting of controller, power unit and connections for USB & Ethernet.

Compatible with control systems of other manufacturers

Modular expansion possible via plugins (e.g. image processing systems).

Autonomy through detailed documentation.

3. Automation

Programming via PC or controller with touch display.

Intuitive control software for easy and fast configuration of movement sequences.

Simulation of complex processes within the software.

Maximum space savings and flexibility due to the integrated control unit.

You can easily carry out integration yourself - thanks to detailed documentation online

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robolink DCi with integrated control system  

Advantages of the modular Low Cost Robotics articulated arm

Modular approach

Low cost

High flexibility: wide choice of end effectors

Lightweight construction

Precision ≤ 1 mm

2-5 degrees of freedom (DOF)

Return on Investment (ROI) after 4 to 7 months (depending on control system)

Lubrication-free and resistant to dirt


Free CAD downloads

Simulate robotic arm online

robolink® designer  

With the robolink® designer you can quickly and easily configure and simulate your individual robolink® D robotic arm online in an intuitive CAD interface. Simulate 4-axis robot

Would you like to receive training in the robolink® DCi?

What is taught in the theoretical part of the training?

Brief introduction to robotics and automation

Set up and operate robolink® DCi with the associated software

Error detection during the setup of the robotic arm

Extension of the robot e.g. through camera systems or programmable control system

What is taught in the practical part of the training?The participants deepen their acquired knowledge and implement an automation solution with the help of the robolink® DCi. It is possible to systematically address specific problems of the participants and to develop automation solutions for their application.How long does the training take?The training course lasts about eight hours and is completed in one day.
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robolink® expert Martin Raak

Request video live-chatThe robolink® expert Martin Raak and his team would be happy to help. The expert team will contact you to clarify your questions as soon as possible.


Selected application examples

In order to remove mobile phone half-shells from a hazardous area of a machine with coolant spraying water, a robolink® articulated arm is used by a machine tool manufacturer.


With the help of a robolink® D articulated arm, the Four Stars Engineering Systems GmbH is able to offer precisely that to its customers for the automated electrical testing of printed circuit boards.


You have the choice: ready-to-use complete system or custom solution

robolink® DCi  
Buy - robolink® DCi

The robolink® DCi is delivered with a perfectly matched control system and software for intuitive programming. The system can therefore be used immediately and you can set up your own automation process in no time.
» Buy robolink® DCi here

robolink® D complete system  
Build - a complete robot arm (electro-mechanical)

Select the desired robolink® model in our shop and combine it with its own control system. All complete systems consist of coordinated robolink® joints, suitable drive motors and connecting plates.
» Buy complete robot arms here
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Configure robolink® yourself  
Build - a customised solution

Configure and order your own robot arm quickly and easily with the intuitive robolink® designer. We provide CAD files and data sheets of our robolink® products free of charge so that you can better plan your automation project.
» Configure yourself with the robolink® designer
» Go to the CAD files

The new robolink RL-DP: available in eight versions

  • Integrated gearbox
  • High degrees of precision and high loads
  • Faster
  • Internal cables
  • Lightweight

robolink® DP

robolink® RL-DP  

robolink® DCi control system

Simple user interface

Easy-to-understand method of operation

Simply connect via ethernet

By means of the Windows software CPRog in 3D

Enter simple teach commands with the mouse

No more than a laptop is needed for programming

Sequences can be saved easily

Do you have any questions on robolink®? We have already answered  the most common questions in an  extensive FAQ section.


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