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igus® Hungária Kft.- iroda

Ipari Park utca 10.

H-1044 Budapest

+36 1 3066486
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Customised components made from engineering plastics by igus

Various special and drawing parts
We use state-of-the-art production technologies to manufacture customised plain bearings, sliding elements and wear-resistant parts made of engineering plastics for you. Whether 3D-printed prototypes, mechanically processed bar stock for small batches or injection-moulded parts for high volume, we cover every requirement with no minimum order quantity.

Benefit from our friction- and wear-optimised iglidur materials, which make your special and drawing parts maintenance-free, self-lubricating and durable. For special applications, there are also materials that are suitable, e.g. for contact with chemicals and food, are designed for high temperatures or can withstand heavy loads.

You can rely on our many years of experience and expertise in the production of customised and drawing parts.

Various special and drawing parts

Components from igus have these advantages

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free iglidur drawing part

Lubrication and maintenance-free

Our iglidur materials make additional lubricants superfluous. They contain solid lubricants that supply the bearing point with sufficient lubricant.
Chemical- and media-resistant iglidur drawing part

Large selection of materials

A variety of iglidur materials with different specifications are available for the production of your special and drawing parts, which are e.g. suitable for contact with chemicals and media. 
Plain bearings from igus for high loads

Tribologically optimised

Our engineering plastics have low coefficients of friction and low wear rates, making them much more efficient than conventional plastics. This is tested in our test laboratory. 


Prototype production from bar stock

Production of prototypes and small batches

Rapid prototyping ensures quickly available models, accelerates your product development, visualises new concepts and reveals possible design errors so that they can be rectified in good time. At igus, there are various manufacturing processes available to you for prototype construction, and our experts will be happy to advise you on these. This enables us to manufacture your desired component with no minimum order quantity cost-effectively. Overnight delivery is possible for orders placed before 12 noon.
Injection moulding machines

Production of high volume

From toolmaking to production, we manufacture high volume entirely in-house. Together with you, we coordinate the production drawing and advise you on the selection of the right iglidur material. This enables quick tool repairs and maintenance if required and ensures that you can always be supplied. With our in-house tool shop, a large fleet of injection moulding machines and more than five decades of injection moulding experience, we are a strong partner for your high-volume production.

In-house toolmaking at igus

We manufacture injection moulding tools for your plastic injection moulded parts directly on site in our own tool shop. From tool development to quality control with the aid of computer tomography, and every step takes place at our company. This enables us to respond to your individual wishes and realise them quickly. With 100 employees and 32 processing machines, around 1,000 injection moulded components are produced here every year. 

Always the most cost-effective manufacturing process for your components

3D printing

3D printing

Your special part is printed from our iglidur materials using selective laser sintering (SLS), melt strand deposition (FDM/FFF) or digital light processing (DLP). Ideal for prototyping.
Special part milled from bar stock

Mechanical processing

With the help of CNC machining, your drawing part is machined  from bar stock.Alternatively, a catalogue part can be machined to your request.
Special part injection moulding

Injection moulding

We manufacture injection moulds for your drawing parts and cast your desired quantity from our durable, maintenance-free iglidur materials.

We advise you on choosing the right manufacturing process

Would you like to have your customised components manufactured from our technical iglidur plastics? Contact us without obligation and we will advise you on the choice of the right iglidur plastic and manufacturing process.

Special and drawing parts from igus are successfully in use here

Fast delivery in a maximum of 7 days

FastLine Service: with immediate price quotation and price transparency
With FastLine Service, you can receive customised injection-moulded plain bearings and other designs in a maximum of seven days. Enter your desired dimensions and get an instant price quote and a price comparison for our other manufacturing processes. 

Sample box with special and drawing parts

Request our free sample box with various special and drawing parts now. The sample box contains:

✅ 3D-printed components
✅ Milled parts
✅ Injection-moulded components
✅ Information on special-part production at igus
Order your free sample box now

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